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Reiki + Crystal Healing

Reiki healing is a Japanese technique used to heal the physical + mental trauma that supports mental clarity + spiritual well-being. When your chakras are out of balance + alignment, crystals will assist you by vibrating at the optimal frequency for each chakra. Working in harmony, reiki + crystals release any stress, tension, anxiety + depression by allowing your energy field to flow naturally by balancing + aligning each chakra. Healing crystals can push energy into your body, mind + soul through vibrational frequencies. This is similar to the way electricity works by conducting + transferring energy into an object. A crystal can harness energy from the quantum field + send it into your own energy field.



The Root Chakra has an earth energy + it is associated with the feeling of protection + grounding which lays the foundation for expansion in your life. It gives much importance to the basics of survival, such as food, shelter, safety + a sense of comfort + belonging.


The Sacral Chakra’s energy is characterised by flexibility + flow. It helps you deal with what comes out of your experiences + develops a response that’s influenced by your intelligence. The Sacral Chakra’s close physical connection with the pelvis + the reproductive organs makes it the main chakra for pleasure, whether through sensuality or daily life experiences.


The Solar Plexus Chakra gives you momentum to move forward + realise your personal desires + intentions. It feeds your direction in life + guides you in the actions that you should take in order to attain your goals. The Solar Plexus Chakra has an influence on thoughts about your self-image + your social status. It’s associated with your expression of will + your intellectual abilities. It also helps you harness your personal power + manifest your ideas + plans into reality.


The Heart Chakra reflects how you relate to people + how you handle relationships. It provides empathy, compassion + it is responsible for your ability to forgive + accept. It is also the Chakra that is involved in changes + transformations. With an open + balanced Heart Chakra, you are able to grieve, let go + attain peace + tranquility.


The Throat Chakra is associated with certain behavioural + psychological characteristics. It represents expression + your ability to speak out + express your truth. It signifies both verbal + non-verbal communication, as well as internal + external communication. The Throat Chakra is all about expressing yourself, It fills you with the truth, with your purpose in life + with an abundant source of creativity.


The Third Eye Chakra is the concept of ‘seeing’ specifically in a psychic + spiritual sense. Having a strong Third Eye Chakra allows you to use your enhanced inner guidance that comes from a more powerful intuitive ability. The Third Eye Chakra is associated with heightened spiritual growth, positive attitudes + a more generous + humanitarian attitude towards life.


The Crown Chakra connects you to the universe, as well as to the divine source of creation. You will receive many gifts from the Crown Chakra, including the experience of unity + the unselfish realisation that everything in this world is connected or linked to everything at a fundamental level.