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Abalone Shell
Abalone Shell

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Abalone Shell

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An Abalone Shell can be used as a smudging bowl with herbs or sticks resting in the shell's bowl during burning.

Including abalone shells in your smudging rituals means you are incorporating all four of the earth's elements: the shell represents water, the smoke represents air, the unlit herbs or sticks represent earth and once they're lit they represent fire.

Light the Sage or Palo Santo and allow the abalone to catch the falling ash.

Use a feather or your hand to send the smoke over your body, from your feet to your head and back down to your feet again.

Visualise your spirit being cleansed of all the toxic energy clinging to it.

Then move towards all areas of your space being cautious not to forget areas like corners, doorways, windows and closets.

Herbs can be placed in a small pile and burned. If burning loose herbs, charcoal can be placed in the shell on top of either sand, ash, or crushed stone.

Please note: These shell's are a natural product, imperfections do occur and are NOT considered a flaw or imperfection.

They are harvested in Australia and recycled from seafood farms.

The variations between each shell is due to the diet of the abalone, what types of foods it has access to during its different growth cycles, you can literally see the change in diet, so the special markings and variations in colour are a representation of the life cycle of the abalone that used to inhabit the shell. Giving each one a special story behind it.

Shell approximately 11cm in length x 9cm in width.