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Car Protection Kit

Moon Flower Healing

Car Protection Kit

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In the same way as you would use crystals in your home or office to protect the energy, you can use crystals in your car to protect yourself, your passengers, and your vehicle.

Place Amethyst in your glove compartment for safety. Amethyst is known to promote safe travels.

Place Selenite under the passenger’s seat for cleansing. Selenite cleanses and purifies the energy of your car. (10cm stick)

Place the Black Tourmaline under the driver’s seat for protection. Black Tourmaline protects and shields your car and anyone in it from unwanted energy. 

Place Clear Quartz in the center console to create a shield of white light. Clear Quartz acts as a shield of white light that maintains positive energy around your car. 

Remember to take crystals out of the car for regular cleansing.