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Incense Safety

Burning incense can be an enjoyable and relaxing experience but it is not without risk.

Burning incense and glowing embers can be a fire hazard.

Be careful and use common sense at all times.

Never leave burning incense unattended.

Always burn incense in a proper incense holder or burner and make sure that any ash will fall onto a heat-proof surface.

Do not burn incense near flammable materials.

Do not spray flammable aerosols or other flammable substances near burning incense.

Avoid draughts.

You don’t want smoldering incense to be blown across the room.

Keep incense out of reach of children and pets.

Avoid burning incense in an unventilated area or closed room.

If you are asthmatic or have respiratory problems you should seek medical advice before burning incense.

Incense can cause headaches or migraines in some people.

Most people won’t have a problem, but if you have a bad reaction to incense you should stop burning it.

Moon Flower Healing cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from the use and/or misuse of incense.